One-on-one, step-by-step

I have had Jaana and Figure 8 in my apps almost a month.
First two weeks I tried hard to teach my body to move. No progress was made at all!
I can’t handle this! My brain short circuited!
Then I took on challenge to try a new job in back office of fashion industry.
After calculating, drawing and cutting out a windbreaker and putting photos into right folder, the brain had totally collapsed for merenque or pasodoble.
Then I went back to tile course, which had been stopped due to COVID-19.
Pure plasters, mixtures, glass mosaic, marble and so on.
No dancing!
I already thought I had wasted quite a lot of money on impossible things to do in my real life.
Yesterday we had a little social event with grill under blooming apple tree and so on. Some photos were taken.
Today I decided to try one more time.
I did it!
I have danced through all one-by-one!
One step a day. Whole month! Even ready to quit, because my body refused to do the moves at all.
Today I did it!
I am a dancing monster! Yeah!

You must try it at home!

P.S. I never write a blog in english before. I can only read 😛 So, one more thing to improve 🙂

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